Mind Balance offers advanced brain training sessions using a technology called NeurOptimal® that enhances your wellbeing and trains your brain to operate at peak performance. Brain training is a non-invasive, transformative practice that delivers feedback to the brain about its own activity, helping it learn and improve performance over time. Finally, train your brain like you train your body, and unlock your fullest potential. With continued use, you can improve resilience, creativity and focus, and feel more centered and calm across all aspects of your life. Let’s chat—we’d love to hear how we can help you achieve your wellness goals

Some of the many benefits

  • Improve Stress Management
  • Promotes Healthy Sleep Habits
  • Fosters Resilience
  • Helps Improve Mental Acuity & Focus
  • Enhances Learning Capacity
  • Tap Into Potential
  • Deepens Empathy & Self-Awareness
  • Unleash Creativity & Innovation

Who it benefits


Executives and business professionals find that NeurOptimal® sessions help them in a myriad of ways. Team leaders use brain training to aid in faster decision-making, boost confidence, and learn new ways to manage stress. Team brain training can promote deeper collaboration, deepened empathy, boost creative potential.


Athletes know better than anyone how important it is to be the master of one’s own mind, because sports are so often a mental game. Athletes use NeurOptimal® to improve focus and endurance, and decrease performance anxiety. One of the best benefits of brain training is the improved resilience while navigating daily challenges. Athletes in particular find that brain training is a great complement to traditional treatments for recovering from injuries.


Since NeurOptimal® promotes better concentration and problem-solving, it is an excellent resource for students looking to achieve their academic goals. Brain training helps students learn how to better manage stress, worries, and insecurities, allowing them to dial into their work. They can benefit from a boost of confidence and reduction in performance anxiety. Students perform best on exams when they’re in “flow,” and brain training can make it easier to access that headspace by enhancing mental acuity.


Children suffering from poor concentration and difficulty staying on task in the classroom are great candidates for NeurOptimal®. Our brain training reorganizes the nervous system, allowing the brain to focus more easily. Children are often able to better self-regulate and access their best self. In addition, brain training is an excellent way to deepen empathy, improve emotional intelligence, and build self-awareness at a young age.


Artists and Musicians are perhaps already familiar with the importance of gamma brain waves, those magic and often elusive brain waves where the most creative moments occur. Engaging in one’s deepest passion, as an artist does, brings out moments of “flow,” focus, and innovation. Artists, or anyone, seeking to reach this state more easily can use NeurOptimal® to tap into their greatest potential.


The central nervous system is linked to every function of the body—mental, physical, and emotional. People suffering from a variety of health and wellness ailments can benefit from brain training. NeurOptimal® offers the brain information about its own activity, helping it reorganize and take major steps forward in improving mental fitness and overall wellness. Regular training can assist people with common health concerns like fatigue, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, performance anxiety, and difficulty concentrating, just to name a few! Whether you’re taking a traditional or alternative approach to your health, brain training is a great compliment to your regimen.